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Animal Care Fund

A friend who raises Blue-faced Leicester sheep called to ask  for help.  Would raise a newborn lamb with an injured front leg?  He was not able to walk, and bottle lambs take a lot of time.  We said "yes" and drove to Swartz Creek, MI, to pick him up.


We named him "Blue" and kept him in the house at first. He would try to stand on 3 legs, but it was very hard for him.  Every day we would rub and move his lame leg, and when he was 4 months old, Blue began walking on his own.

To this day, he is an example of “not giving up” and inspires everyone who knows him. Although Critter Barn raises Romney, Suffolk and Colored Corriedale sheep, we also have Blue, who is our Guard Dog’s buddy.

Please support our Sheep!

to our sheep sponsors:

Ian M. - Blue

Robin M. - Eddie

James W. - Ruby

Amanda L. - Louie

Elizabeth H. - Archie

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