Critter Crew


Critter Crew Members

We are so proud of our Critter Crew volunteers! Now that you have invested time in our class, and are part of the volunteer team, you can choose from the options below to visit the farm and continue to grow.

Remember some basics when you come to volunteer:

  • dress for the weather - bring a jacket, gloves, hat if needed

  • wear your logo shirt and jeans, black or khaki pants/shorts

  • wear tennis shoes or boots

  • bring snacks, water bottles, sack lunch as needed

  • work as a team and remember the golden rule


If you have any questions, contact our Volunteer Coordinator Makayla at or 616-748-1110


To speak with Director Mary Rottschafer directly, contact her at 616-218-1582.

Thank you for your dedication and service to Critter Barn!
The animals, our guests, and members of our staff appreciate all you do.


Volunteer Shift Sign-Up:

Please read below for information about volunteer shifts!

1) Starting Monday June 7th we will be expanding to 3 shifts per day:

8:00am to 11:30am - 8 volunteers
12:00pm to 3:00pm - 6 volunteers
3:00pm to 6:00pm - 8 volunteers

2) Critter Crew members may register for ONE shift per week. This provides more kids with the opportunity to come to the farm. 
3) Volunteer drop-off and pick up will take place at the North End of the red barn. Please drive slowly up the driveway and park in our back lot. 
4) Parents/Guardians are REQUIRED to park and walk in to check-in and check-out their volunteer for each shift. At the start of each shift, a Critter Crew check-in form will need to be completed.

We have new registration software! CLICK HERE to learn how to sign up.


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2021 Critter Crew Refresher Course

This year, we will wait to complete our Spring 2021 Critter Crew Refresher Course until we move, or are close to moving to the new farm.


Once we move, it will be a new farm, with a new way to operate, and new routines to learn. Every current Critter Crew member will be required to take this course before volunteering for the next summer. We will hold 2021 Refresher classes in person at the new farm.  


More information about the exact dates will be posted soon!


Farm On The Go! Sign-Up:

Join Critter Barn staff and animals as we travel to events

in the community in our Farm On The Go!

  • Dates, times and locations are listed in the registration below. 

  • Critter Crew members may do as many FOG events as they would like!

  • FOG hours count towards earning your red shirt.

  • Please email us if you need a ride. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.