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Critter Barn 4-H Club

Critter Barn is excited to offer this new opportunity for active Critter Crew Volunteers! 


What is 4-H about? Practical, hands-on learning. That is exactly the goal at the Critter Barn: to provide "Hands-On fun and learning" for people of all ages, and all abilities, so we maintain a connection to farm life in our modern society.

This year, twenty-two students who are Critter Crew Volunteers will participate in 4-H projects through Critter Barn's 4-H Club! This is a dream come true! Head, Heart Hands, and Health is what the 4-H symbol stands for... a perfect fit with the Critter Barn's purpose! 

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Interested In Joining 4-H?


First, you’ll need to enroll in our prerequisite class called Critter Camp. In camp you’ll meet our staff and learn about animal care, teamwork, and how our farm operation works.

After graduating from Critter Camp, you may volunteer on our farm throughout the year as a C
rew member and join Critter Barn's 4-H Club!

Current 4-H Members:

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