Barnyard Crew

Barnyard Crew Program Options:

Our farm programming extends to children, adults, and the elderly who have disabilities or special needs. Whether your group can come to our farm, or you need us to come to you, our animals and staff are eager to serve you!


Serve One-On-One

Do you know an individual who would benefit from spending time at the farm on a weekly basis with our Barnyard Crew leader?  We offer one-on-one experiences for children and adults who need individual encouragement and supervision. Let’s discuss a plan!


Serve as a Group

Come to our farm with small groups to volunteer on a weekly basis.  This offers your group opportunities to learn or practice a variety of life skills, learn about the needs of the animals, and feel a sense of accomplishment! Contact us to set something up!

On-site Visit

Bring your group for a farm visit!  You can tour the farm or meet in our classroom for a presentation. Our staff and volunteers will bring farm animals to you as you relax in our classroom to make your experience easier if needed. Interacting with our animals is very entertaining! 

Off-site Visit

We bring our animals to retirement homes, nursing homes, group homes, and organizations that serve people who cannot travel to the farm. Interested in having us come to YOU? Check out our Barnyard Crew Traveling Farm contract below: 




On a visit to Indian Trails camp for children and youth with special needs, a magical moment happened. The one hour visit with farm animals was finished and our animals were being packed into the van to go home. 

A mentor and a young lady in a wheelchair approached our staff person and apologized for being late. “We didn’t make it to your event, we’re so sorry. Laura was hoping to see a bunny today!”
Our staff person saw Laura’s disappointed expression and immediately headed for the van and the cage of a special bunny named Ebert. Our staff person carefully held Ebert on Laura’s chest, because Laura is not able to move her arms. Her beautiful smile tells you how happy Laura was!


This program embodies the core of our mission at the Critter Barn, for ALL to be able to learn about and enjoy the miracles at the farm. If you would like to support Critter Barn's Barnyard Crew program, please consider donating below: