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Accommodating Programming

Critter Barn offers a variety of opportunities for people of all ages and diverse-abilities to provide a unique experience for everyone. 

Volunteer At The Farm:

Crew Member: Chores

Work one-on-one with our job coach as you learn how to feed the animals. Activities of caring for animals provide motivational, educational, recreational, and/or therapeutic benefits to our crew members and enhance their quality of life. 

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Animal Therapy

Spend individual time with our furry and feathered friends. This is a goal-directed activity designed to benefit the specific needs of each person being served. One-on-one interaction with animals gives people of all ages the opportunity to experience affection and acceptance. 

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Group Volunteers

Bring your small group and get involved with tasks and jobs that build skills for life. Groups visit the Critter Barn each week and learn the routines of running the farm. 

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Visit The Farm:


Guest Program:

Animal Encounters

Schedule a personalized visit for your group hosted by a Barnyard Staff member and meet many of our friendly animals and birds in the comfort of our new, heated classrooms.

  • 1 to 2 hours

  • Up to 12 persons

  • Hands-on interaction

  • Small birds & livestock

  • Entertaining

  • Storytelling

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Tour Program

Enjoy a guided tour as you journey through the multiple barns at our new location. Your attendees will have access to all our farm animals on our "golden mile" sidewalk. This is a 1.5 hour guided tour. Rifton Activity chairs and Rifton Tricycles are available for your use. 

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Let The Farm Visit You!


Travel Program

We'll come to your location for one hour of enjoyment and personal interaction with our star rabbits and birds. Our traveling Animal Therapy program is for small groups of people or a few individuals at your facility who would benefit from focused activity. 

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Critters On Wheels

Critters on Wheels provides hands-on fun, entertainment, and education. If your event is focused on learning about mammals vs. egg layers, or if your guests simply want to hold, pet, and interact with the animals and birds, this display will serve up to 150 people. 

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On a visit to Indian Trails camp for children and youth with special needs, a magical moment happened. The one hour visit with farm animals was finished and our animals were being packed into the van to go home. 

A mentor and a young lady in a wheelchair approached our staff person and apologized for being late. “We didn’t make it to your event, we’re so sorry. Laura was hoping to see a bunny today!”
Our staff person saw Laura’s disappointed expression and immediately headed for the van and the cage of a special bunny named Ebert. Our staff person carefully held Ebert on Laura’s chest, because Laura is not able to move her arms. Her beautiful smile tells you how happy Laura was!


This program embodies the core of our mission at the Critter Barn, for ALL to be able to learn about and enjoy the miracles at the farm. If you would like to support Critter Barn's Barnyard Crew program, please consider donating below:

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