About the Farm

OUR Mission

As we were setting up for a traveling event at Johnson Park, a young boy, probably 13 or so, sat down next to the cage that held Rocky, our barred rock rooster. His mother came by also and after 15-20 min noted how wonderful it was for her son to be able to have this experience.


As children were coming and going between rabbits and chicks and baby goats, a young boy came up by the baby chicks and after holding one for several minutes, he started to get so excited that the baby chick had fallen asleep. He spoke in a soft voice, but it was like a shout, he had helped the chick fall asleep. I told him, “the baby chicks were obviously tired from being held so often, and you had the special touch to put them to sleep”. The little boy crawled over to his father and eventually went to get other children and show them how you can put a baby chick to sleep. What a beautiful memory for this child!

Critter Barn is dedicated to teaching about farming and agriculture while inspiring people of all ages, and all abilities, through the miracles in nature found at the farm.

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Our Goals


  • Build a world class working farm

  • Impact more children, youth, and adults 

  • Build with Inclusive Design


  • Demonstrate Sustainability


  • Continue to be a Hands-On Educational Farm for all

Our Vision 


  • To serve people through our farm

  • To inspire Learning through hands-on experiences 


  • To Inspire Youth to volunteer


  • To Share Values 


  • To Celebrate Nature 


Cats, Cows, Donkey, Ducks, Geese, Goats, Hogs, Sheep, Horse, Turkeys, Hens, Rabbits

Meet The Team

Meet Our BOard


On August 12, 2016, our Critter Crew volunteers planted a sign on our new property: Future Site of Critter Barn! The New Farm is located at 2950 80th Ave, Zeeland, MI 49464


The water main and drainage pipes are in the ground, roads, parking, retention pond and drain field are complete. 

It's 2020, and we're eager to build.  We have raised over $2,000,000 but need the final $200,000 to raise our first barns. 


Our story began in 1984 when we moved to this farm. We were "out in the country." There was no subdivision, no highway to Grand Rapids, no gas station down the street, no Doc's Ranch across the street.  Just a house and two barns...
A surprise party planned by my church choir changed the course of our lives forever. In 3 hours they painted the barn and then put on a comedy show after a meal. We received our first animals that night, which unexpectedly brought us here!


Limited Hours

10-5pm Tuesday-Saturday
(closed Sunday and Monday)

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