About the Farm

OUR Mission

Critter Barn is dedicated to teaching about farming and agriculture while inspiring people of all ages, and all abilities, through the miracles in nature found at the farm.


Our Goals


  • Impact more children, youth, and adults with life-changing Nature and Farm experiences at our new 27-acre facility.


  • Create Barrier Free Facilities on the new farm, providing every visitor opportunities to participate.


  • Truly Teach Sustainability, connecting children and families to the natural world around them, with interactive farm-based activities. 


  • Grow A Dynamic Staff, with the same industry-leading skills, ethics, and passions we currently have, but large enough to run our new  world-class operation.


  • Continue to be a Hands-On Educational Farm for all, representing our farming heritage and showcasing modern farming strategies.  

Our Vision 


  • To inspire Learning through interactive experiences with animals and crops at the farm.


  • To Enable Every Visitor of all ages and abilities, to be able to enjoy hands-on experiences at a real farm.


  • To Inspire Youth to volunteer, to learn responsibility, and develop a life-long respect for agriculture.


  • To Share Values through real farm experiences, true farm heritage, and visitor experienced stories.


  • To Celebrate Nature and its wondrous system of life.


Come see our Critters: Cats, Cows, Donkey, Ducks, Geese, Goats, Hogs, Sheep, Horse, Turkeys, Hens, Pony, Rabbits and more.

Meet The Team

Meet Our BOard


On August 12, 2016, our Critter Crew volunteers planted a sign on our new property: Future Site of Critter Barn! We broke ground on May 14, and with your support, we will begin building barns in July. The New Farm will be loacted at 2950 80th Ave, Zeeland, MI 49464!


As we look to the future, we are eager to build on our beautiful new property and provide a real farm experience for kids and families from West Michigan and across the country. Close-up and personal encounters at our farm leave lasting memories of fun and learning. Our new farm will have so much to offer, that you'll want to visit over and over! For more information click below and JOIN the campaign!



Our story began in 1984.


With the excitement of moving out in the country came the hope of a larger garden and a do-it-yourself lifestyle. A surprise party planned by a group of friends changed the course of our lives forever. With a freshly painted barn and a few animals, our farm experience began unexpectedly.


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