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 Campaign Invitation

4-year-old Lincoln finished his first "Little Farmers Class."  He was so happy, but now, suddenly hid behind his mom's leg to hide his tears. As he looked up at his mom and pleaded not to go home, he insisted..."Sign me up again and again, mom. I need to do this." 


Help us build the NEW Critter Barn for boys like Lincoln and thousands of children like him who need to understand how people, animals and nature work we raise our food.  A farm is a wonderful place to be, and a great place to get involved.

Please look at the options below and commit today to support the new Critter Barn!  We look forward to moving our animals and our entire operation to the new site. You can make it happen.  


Pickets, Posts
& Planks

Holding Hands

Legacy gift


Animal Benches


Study Stops

Animal Coop.JPG

Animal Coop

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Build a Barn


Limited Hours


10am-12pm & 2pm-6pm

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