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Global Universal Design

Because of our "golden mile" of sidewalks, wide hallways, simple signage, and adaptive equipment, Critter Barn is proud to welcome everyone to visit the farm.

This prototype will continue with all of our construction:

  • Tree House with an accessible ramp

  • Bunk houses & Inclusive Playground area

  • Modern Production Barns

  • Welcome Center with an Assistive Aid Room so people of all ages and all abilities will be able to experience and enjoy our farm side-by-side.

Therefore, Critter Barn has been awarded the GUDC Silver level of Certification in recognition of Critter Barn's ongoing efforts to build a farm that is easy for everyone to use.

"Come In and Let Me Tell You"

Click here to download a document sharing how helpful Universal Design can be for individuals with a variety of disabilities.

Written by special education students at Trinity Christian College.

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