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Fall Fun On The Farm!

Ages 5 -8 and Ages 9 -12

One-time Class

Tuesday / Thursday Evenings: 4:30pm - 6:00pm


Class Cost: $20

Are you looking for a little fun on the farm? This fall Critter Barn is offering classes for kids of all ages! The focus of the class changes each week, so take one, take two or take them all!

Some of the class focuses include:

  • Exploring the garden! Planting new seeds and harvesting crops to feed the animals

  • Learning about egg layers! Take a peek into the egg layers on the farm, learn about chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys, and of course… eggs!

  • All about goats! Walk a goat, feed a goat, bathe a goat, milk a goat… all about goats!

  • Our wooly friends! Learn about sheep, Angora goats and Angora rabbits.. all the animals that give us fiber!

  • Mooooo! Learn about our cattle friends including the calves, Daisy our Heifer, and our steer!

  • Hanging with the Kittys and bunnies! Spend some time with the cuddliest animals on the farm feeding, brushing and playing with the cats and rabbits!

  • And so much more!

For class frequently asked questions, click here

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Little Farmers

Ages 3 - 5

(must be 3 by May 1)

Spring - Summer - Fall – 3-week series

Class Cost: $50

Little Farmers T-shirt included

Bring your little animal lover to Critter Barn for our Little Farmer's Class. Children will learn about egg layers and mammals as they meet, feed and interact with the animals on our farm.

This is often a first-time encounter with live farm animals for children, so an adult is included to share the memories and enhance your Little Farmer's experience. Little Farmer custom t-shirts and other take-home items are included in your class fee.

Class meets one time each week for 3 weeks. Our class curriculum changes with the weather, the seasons, and with who's new in the barn. So, you can be a Little Farmer more than once!

For class frequently asked questions, click here

Goodnight Barn

Ages 6 -12

One-time Class

Weeknights in the Fall: 6:00pm - 7:30pm


Class Cost: $20

Add a “custom” class t-shirt for $10

Have you ever heard a pig snore? Have you ever watched a goat sleep? Our Good Night Barn class lets kids experience the farm at the end of the day. We will turn the lights off as we finish caring for Critter Barn’s animals. As the sun goes down, we use flashlights to focus and see where to go. It's a one-of-a-kind-class! It’s fun to walk through the barn and see the animals settle down for the night... shhhhh!

For class frequently asked questions, click here

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Ages 5 - 8

(must be 5 by May 1)

2-day or 5-day classes offered in June, July and August 

2-day Class Cost: $55

5-Day Class Cost: $80

Animal Adventures T-shirt included


Looking for an adventure this summer? This is hands-on fun and learning at its best! Animal Adventure kids visit every part of the farm… that’s inside many of the pens with our farm animals!

Feed a hungry calf a bottle, learn to handle, walk and hold our animals. Collect eggs, milk a goat, and give a goat a bubble bath.


We offer 2-day (5 hours of class time) and 5-day (7.5 hours of class time) options. You’ll have an adventure to remember!

For class frequently asked questions, click here

*Class registration will open February 1st, 2022*

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Ages 8-16

(must be 8 by May 1)

3-Day classes offered in June, July and August

8:30am - 3:00pm

Class Cost: $165

Critter Camp T-shirt included


Enjoy an inside look at our entire farm operation. Campers learn basics about each farm species. Campers will feed and care for our mammals and birds and learn to handle, lead, and hold. They’ll learn about farming methods, fiber, nutrition, grooming, milking and composting.


Critter Barn teaches young people life skills while working on our farm. Along the way kids will meet new friends, grow confidence and responsibility as they work with our dedicated staff.


Completion of this class also gives students the option to come back and volunteer throughout the year as a member of the Critter Crew. (Critter Camp class is the prerequisite for children and youth to volunteer as Critter Crew)

For class frequently asked questions, click here

*Class registration will open February 1st, 2022*


Dear Parents and Friends

It is meaningful when a young person realizes that the quality of the job we all do determines the quality of our animals' lives.  And it is inspiring to watch children and young people build bonds with the animals around our farm. We invite your child to engage in our farm chores, care for our garden, care for and feed our animals.  It will change their life. 


This year we are offering classes once again, and trust you will consider enrolling someone you know! We continue to follow safety practices, and ask that your student attends class when healthy.  Details about our classes are explained, but if you have questions, feel free to contact us!  

Keep growing!

Mary L Rottschafer

Founder, Executive Director

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