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Ages 3 - 5

3-week series


Class Cost: $55


Little Farmers T-shirt is included


Little hands meet new animal friends in this unique, three-week series. Children will experience fur and feathers, hooves and paws, beaks and bills, and so much more. Your class meets for 90 minutes for 3 consecutive weeks.


This is often a first-time encounter with live farm animals for children, so please send an adult to accompany your Little Farmer. Bring your camera too! You’ll meet and feed the coolest creatures who call the Critter Barn home.

Critter Crafts

Ages 5-8 and 9-12

4-day class (Mon-Thur)


Class Cost: $85

Have fun learning about animals in a creative environment while making practical crafts to take home! Students in Critter Crafts will visit the animals on the farm, experience a quick lesson about them, then create a corresponding craft. Explore the exciting journey of creating art with various media and materials!


Class opportunities for students ages 5-8 and 9-12. 

Little Farmers
Critter Crafts

Animal Adventures

Ages 6 - 8

Two-Day Class: $60

Five-Day Class: $85


Includes Animal Adventure class t-shirt

Get ready for a real farm adventure this summer! Learn to handle chicks and bunnies, walk some goats and donkeys, feed giant baby bottles to our calves, and even give a bubble bath.


Investigate animal characteristics, what makes a mammal a mammal, and how birds and reptiles are different. Explore what animals need to survive and thrive, and what makes them unique! Truly an adventure to remember!

Adventures Continued...

Ages 6 - 8

Five-Day Class: $85

Want to continue the Adventure? This class is for kids who attended an Animal Adventures class this summer and want to continue the fun! 


New Activities, new animal friends, and new ADVENTURES are to be had around the farm!

Animal Adventures

Critter Camp

Ages 8 -16

Monday - Friday

Class Cost: $250

Includes Critter Camp class t-shirt

Critter Camp is an immersive, weeklong experience for students ages 8-16. 

When school is out, Critter Camp is IN! Experience the ins and outs of how we care for our animals. This is Hands-On learning at its best!


Campers will feed our animals, and learn about farming, fiber, milking goats, egg production, composting, and more. Critter Barn’s experience teaches life skills and the rewards of good teamwork while helping to run our farm.


Completion of Critter Camp allows students to volunteer year-round at the farm through our Citter Crew program!