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Ages 3 - 5

3-week series


Class Cost: $55


Little Farmers T-shirt is included


Little hands meet new animal friends in this unique, three-week series. Children will experience fur and feathers, hooves and paws, beaks and bills, and so much more. Your class meets for 90 minutes for 3 consecutive weeks.


This is often a first-time encounter with live farm animals for children, so please send an adult to accompany your Little Farmer. Bring your camera too! You’ll meet and feed the coolest creatures who call the Critter Barn home.


Ages 3-5

One-Time Class

Class Cost: $30

Includes Baby Animals class t-shirt

We’re having a baby boom!  It's time to meet all the new "baby faces" at the Critter Barn: ducklings, chicks, lambs, kids, bunnies, and calves fill the barn each spring. Our class includes hugging, petting, feeding, handling, and watching every one of our adorable baby animals!


This one-time class experience is to be shared, so please bring a grown-up along.

Baby Animals
Little Farmers

Little Sprouts

Ages 3-5

one-time class

Class Cost: $30

The sun is shining and plants are growing! We are offering a NEW class for 3-5-year-olds to learn about plants and how they grow!


This class will cover how to plant a seed and what it needs to grow big and strong. Then, they will work with their hands to plant and care for everything growing around the farm!

Includes a plant to take home!

Young Buds

Ages 5-8

one-time class


Class Cost: $30

With the flowers in bloom, need to care for these plants. We are offering a NEW class for 6-8-year-olds!

Staff will share all the different elements that plants need to grow and how the sun provides for them. We will take a stroll around the farm and learn about all of our different raised beds.


Includes a plant to take home!

Beginning Gardners

Ages 9-15

one-time class

Class Cost: $30

We are offering a NEW class for 9-15-year-olds! Students will explore the science of photosynthetic growth and learn about soil, its different makeups, and what makes good soil for planting. Students will take cuttings and learn how to plant them in one of our beds around the farm.


Includes a plant to take home!

Gardening Classes


Ages 6 -10

One-time Class

Class Cost: $30

Includes Kids For Kids class t-shirt


Meet our 4-legged goat kids and all the new babies at our farm! Critter Barn is proud to introduce to you the newest faces of 2024. 


Feed kids or calves, hold the ducklings and chicks and add hay to feed the mother sheep. Learn about caring for young birds and animals. We guarantee your “kid” will love the hands-on fun!


Add Kids For Kids class t-shirt for $10

Critter Crafts

Ages 5-8 and 9-12

4-day class (Mon-Thur)


Class Cost: $85

Have fun learning about animals in a creative environment while making practical crafts to take home! Students in Critter Crafts will visit the animals on the farm, experience a quick lesson about them, then create a corresponding craft. Explore the exciting journey of creating art with various media and materials!


Class opportunities for students ages 5-8 and 9-12.