Volunteers are the backbone of Critter Barn's workforce and they make it possible to accomplish our MissionAlong with enjoying the animals, individuals learn many life lessons in a farm environment. Critter Barn engages people in opportunities to problem solve,

develop responsibility, and share what they experience with others. They impact visitors at our farm and leave a good mark on their world. From our Adult and Group volunteers to our Critter Crew kids and Special Friends, these groups are instrumental to the operation and success of Critter Barn, and perhaps most important, are the experiences they get out of giving.




Critter Crew

Critter Barn has always been a place where children and youth are engaged in “running the farm.”

Crew members have done an outstanding job assisting guests, working around the farm, and caring for the animals since this unique program began twenty years ago.
Are you interested in joining our volunteer Crew? You’ll need to enroll in our 3-day prerequisite class called Critter Camp. In camp you’ll meet our staff and learn about animal care, teamwork, and how our farm operation works.

After graduating from Critter Camp, you may volunteer on our farm throughout the year as a Crew member! You’ll earn the red Critter Crew shirt after volunteering 20 hours.
Studies show if a child volunteers before the age of twelve, over 75% will volunteer as adults. So help us raise the next generation of givers and register today for this amazing real-life experience. 

Adult Volunteers

Individual adult volunteers work along with our staff, providing assistance and unique skill sets that impact our farm. Our volunteer youth admire the excellent work ethic of adult volunteers, and the farm is greatly blessed by their focused efforts.

If you like working around animals and share a passion for teaching and encouraging kids, consider spending some time at Critter Barn.

Please contact us here. 

Group Volunteering

Take a break from the office or classroom and consider volunteering at the farm for your next team building event! Volunteer groups spend a few hours at our farm and change and improve our farm in ways that only a team of people can. There's always something to do, and we have groups of volunteers to thank for getting big projects accomplished. We are most grateful to community partners who volunteer at our farm.


Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator if you

are interested in a Volunteer opportunity.



Critter Barn’s Barnyard Crew program is helping young people and adults discover their self-worth and maximize their potential in a safe and supportive environment. We provide a year-round site for building life skills through our farm activities.
Individual students and groups volunteer at the farm by washing and packing fresh eggs, raking the yard, sweeping the kitty corral, washing feed pails and feeding bunnies. Everyone has a job to do. Our Special Programs director guides our volunteers, matching appropriate farm tasks to every participant. Volunteers benefit from our structured and supportive program, and the emotional benefit and confidence that grows from a job well done puts a smile on everyone's face.

Click below to learn more about this amazing program.
If your student or group would like to volunteer at our farm, please contact our Barnyard Crew program director.