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Farm On the


Critter Barn animals love to travel...

we'll bring the farm to you!

Critter Barn’s traveling farm programs are perfect for:

  • Nursing home visits

  • Community festivals

  • Private parties

Conditions statement:  Critter Barn’s traveling options may be setup inside.  All reservations include a plan for inclement weather.  We will discuss options with you when booking your reservation.  In hot weather, our animals and your guests prefer shade.  All hoofed animals prefer standing on grassy areas or soil rather than cement.

All packages include:

- additional time needed for set up, take-down and clean-up time

- traveling hand-washing station:  water dispensers and collection, soap and paper towels.

- all equipment needed for our animal display and presentations

- travel costs up to a 30 mile radius, nominal mileage fee will be included in invoices 


To ask questions or make plans for your event, contact us using the options below:

To save a date, send in the registration form below. Your Farm on the Go! event is official when you have a written confirmation from Critter Barn. 

1/2 Hour

  • Life lessons based on animal characteristics and behaviors 

  • Perfect for Children's message at church or at a children's event

  • Titles include: "Don't be a Goat",  "Just Ducky", "Something to Crow About", “Trust the Turkey”,  “Little Lamb”,  “Good Shepherd” and more

  • Call for details

45-60 min

  • Presentation focuses on three farm species from the following list:

      - Hens and Roosters

      -  Rabbits and baby bunnies

      - Geese

      - Sheep

      - Goats

  • Other resources include:
    - Agriculture video

      - Slide show

      - Farming Display
      - Wool Display

For a school assembly, presentation to a club, or a guest speaker at your event


1 1/2 hours

($75 per additional
1/2 hour)

  • Standard Rooster

  • Banty Chickens

  • Ducks

  • Rabbits 

  • Chicks

  • Pygmy goats

Critters on Wheels provides hands-on fun, entertainment and education.  If your event is focused on learning about mammals vs. egg layers, or if your guest simply want to hold, pet and interact with the animals and birds, this display will serve up to 150 people.


3 hours

($150 per additional hour)

This popular option for special events will serve groups up to 500.  Ideal setup space for this display is 50’ x 100’.  

  • Chicks on exploring table

  • Rabbits 

  • Rooster 

  • Ducks

  • Banty Chickens

  • Pygmy or Nigerian goats

  • Angora goats

  • Goat kids

  • Adult goats

  • Sheep

  • Potbellied pig

  • Milking goat

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3 hours

4 hours

  • Rabbits 

  • 2 Roosters

  • 5 Ducks

  • Banty Chickens

  • Pygmy or Nigerian goats

  • Angora goats

  • Goat kids

  • Adult goats

  • Sheep

  • Potbellied pig

  • Milking goat

  • Min Donkeys

  • Ducklings (seasonal)

  • Chicks (seasonal)

Ultimate FOG's for larger events requires approximately 100’x100’  of set up space. This depends also on the amount of space needed for the general public, plus the number of animals per category is increased over the regular Farm on the GO. 

We look forward to discussing how we may customize our setup to compliment your event. In some situations, Critter Barn will set up basic equipment the day prior to larger events. For special requests, contact Critter Barn!

Traveling Field Trips

We invite you to book Critter Barn animals for your upcoming special event or create a special day of outdoor learning. Let the Critter Barn experience inspire your student and provide a unique learning event to initiate your teaching about farming and growing our food. Times are flexible. Please don't hesitate to email us at to coordinate what works best for you and your students. 

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2 hours

  • Rabbits 

  • Hens

  • Rooster

  • Ducks

  • Banty Chickens

  • Sheep 

  • Small Goats

(Pygmy, Nigerian, or Angora)

Traveling FOG's are a great way to bring Critter Barn's animals to your classroom! This traveling field trip provides hands-on fun, entertainment and education.

We look forward to discussing how we may customize our setup to compliment your school!

Planning to promote your event?

  • Be sure to use Critter Barn's name and logo.

  • Mouse over the logo and click the download arrow to download the logo.

  • Traveling beyond a radius of 25-30 miles will be billed per the number of round-trip miles driven.

  • In the promotion of your event, please include phrases like:

    • Critter Barn's Animals are coming!

    • Critter Barn will be there!

    • Farm animals from Critter Barn will be at our event!

    • Lots of hands-on fun with Critter Barn animals!

  • Please, do not refer to Critter Barn as a petting zoo. 

  • Our animals have basic requirements: water, shade, grass, protection from extreme conditions. We will discuss your location when booking your reservation and on occasion visit your site. 


Thank you.

If you have any other inquiries please contact us here: 

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