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What happens if it’s raining?


Classes run as normal so bring a raincoat and grab your boots!
The farm doesn’t stop for rain, wind, extreme temperatures or snow…


What should my child wear?

Play clothes, jeans, close-toed shoes, and dress in layers when it’s cold.


What should my child be sure to bring?


A water bottle with their name clearly written on it. 


What if I have to cancel or change my child's registration?

In the event you must cancel, money will be refunded ONLY with 14 days or more notice.  Changes in registration must be made in writing and emailed to

What happens if we have a medical emergency and cannot attend the class?


Medical emergencies resulting in cancelations will be honored when you provide a signed memo from the Attending Physician. We would be happy to reschedule your child or provide a refund.


Office: 616-748-1110


What happens if the Critter Barn cancels a class?


In the event the farm must cancel, class participants will receive a full refund or may reschedule with no added fees.

In the case of severe weather (i.e. blizzards, ice storms, tornado watch), or if Zeeland Public Schools are closed, the farm will cancel all classes for the day and attempt to reschedule. For Saturday classes staff will make the determination either the day before or the day of and will call all participants. Please make sure to list the best contact phone numbers on your registration form. 


Who do I contact if I experience any problems or have questions about registering?


Please contact Makayla in our office at 616-748-1110 or email her at



What happens if I am late dropping-off or picking up my child?


We are unable to provide childcare before, between or after classes. If you and your child arrive late please go to the Welcome desk for assistance. Missed activities will not be made up. Parents may be required to accompany their children into the farm to meet up with their class. 

* A $10 late pick-up fee will be charged for any child not picked up within 15 minutes of class dismissal.  Thank you for your help on this!  Your child’s safety and well-being are very important to us. 



Can I stay with my child during class?

With 3 to 5 year old children… yes. Our Preschool class, Little Farmers, and our Baby Animal Class are designed to include accompanying adults throughout in-class activities. 


For all other classes, ages 6 and up, due to space limitations and class design, it is best if parents/guardians separate from their child at our Welcome Desk drop-off location. Most children, while perhaps experiencing a brief moment of anxiety, overcome their fears and participate more quickly without a parent present. If you think your child cannot remain in class without you after a few minutes, please consider waiting another year. 

Please note:  Critter Barn makes accommodations for students with special needs to attend class. This includes but is not limited to allergies, disabilities, medical conditions and social/learning needs. Receiving adequate information from guardians is crucial for our success. Any information is kept strictly confidential. Please notify us of your child's needs as far in advance as possible to allow us to best prepare a quality experience for your child.

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