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Animal Care Fund

Meet Benny and Joon, two miniature Donkeys who live at the Critter Barn.  Adorable, fuzzy and friendly, this tiny two-some will greet you at the fence every time.  Benny and Joon were rescued from a home that didn’t care for them very well, so it is our pleasure to give them all the care they need.  Joon had to go on a diet!  She is still a little plump...


Jake, our standard donkey, lives with them too.  He came to our farm when he was only 3 months old.  Now he is 35 years!  And behind their pen lives Henry, our rascal horse.

Please support our Equine!

to our equine sponsors:

Megan J. - Jake

Phil V. - Joon

Pyle Family - Benny 

Jeff and Ashley W. - Henry

You can select a different species from the links below:

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