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Animal Care Fund

Who said pigs are dirty?  Is it because they love the mud?  Our pigs have the best manners of all the farm animals.  They keep their pens organized! 


In addition to our three hogs Richard, Princess and Pignelope, we have two Yucatan Pigs and four Pot-Bellied Pigs. They all love food and attention.  


Ginny Lou, Petunia and Sunshine perform pig tricks for treats. Poppy is learning the routine too, she is the newest of all our pigs.

Please support our pigs!

to our pig sponsors:

Mattice Family - Sunshine

Lindsey S. - Production Pen

Klein Family - Petunia

Hannah D. - Petunia

Kirk and Katha H. - Production Pen

The Sanfords - Sherly

Ryan M. - Sunshine

You can select a different species from the links below:

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