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Animal Care Fund

Cats are usually around barns to chase mice, but at the Critter Barn, most of our cats live in the Kitty Corral. You can hug them, hold them and tease them with a toy.  Cats love your attention.  

From our original barn cats, to others we have rescued or adopted from time to time, our pen of 19 cats is a huge favorite on the farm.  

When children are surprised by the barn, and a little fearful to come inside, our cats win them over and provide a place to start.

Please support our Cats!
IMG_8175 2.jpg

to our cat sponsors:

Ed U. - Puff

Leslie H. - Goose

Carli P. - Cinnimon

Sara A. - Dexter

Josh, Noah, Dontae, Sam, & Sh'Quiz R. - Trevor

Henry, Harvey and Hope - Max

Karen L. - Boston

You can select a different species from the links below:

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