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Animal Care Fund

This little rabbit prepares her nest in a box, arranging the straw until it’s perfect.  Then she pulls out a good amount of her hair, to line the nesting box - making it soft and warm for her tiny babies.


After the baby bunnies, called kits, are born, the mother goes into the box once a day to feed her young. She sits up and watches for trouble as the babies scoot around and lay on their backs to find her milk. She weighs just 9 pounds and is the perfect mother. 

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to our rabbit sponsors:

Madison R. - Whisper

Tracy F. - Tundra

Lisa J. - Rusty

Zeke, Toby & Theo - Bugs

Annie S. - Cash

Barber Family - Peter

Blaise W. - Sausage

Dr. Joseph & Mrs. Julia O. - Bert

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