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Thank you for attending our
 Foundation Celebration Fundraiser!

Dear Critter Barn Friends, 

What an exciting day October 24 turned out to be!

Thank you to all our wonderful supporters who came to our new farm and celebrated the beginning of our construction season. 

Thank you to Marybeth Apple Catering, Phil and Laketown Farms for the horse and buggy rides, to DuneGrass Band for exceptional music, to Brent Alan and The Van radio coverage and interviews, to Critter Barn Staff for the setup - animals - equipment - even a campfire, and to Mary Okkema, for her kind words and prayer of JOY on this Joyous occasion!

The pipes in the ground, roadways, light posts, retention pond and excavation is paid for…


The first buildings going up are paid for…


But, there are goals to reach so more of the farm can be built. So please, consider your support, or the support of your business or your place of work. Talk to others and share the story of the Critter Barn’s project. We are working to build "within our means” as we will not acquire any debt on this project.


The new farm will be a tremendous blessing for years to come:

   Hands-On Educational Facility
   Celebrating Agriculture 
   Inclusive Design


We are hoping to move in mid-May, and celebrate our new farm on May 14-15, 2021!

We are thankful to God for the blessings and friendships around your farm so far. We are JOYFUL for the successes and progress. We pray for continued blessings, for donations, for funding, so we can eventually build every stage until completion.  

Thank you for being on this exciting journey with us!

-Mary Rottschafer, Staff & Critters


  • Building our new farm complex

  • Running the old farm until we move

  • Caring for all our critters

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