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Hello Critter Crew Members and Friends

Hope you're ready to roll... The Bowling Ball, that is!

  • The Critter Bowl date will be announced mid 2021!

  • Join Critter Barn Staff at BAM! on 16th Street in Holland for a great time!

  • Bowl two games, meet friends from the farm, even bring a friend along!

  • Refreshments will be included!

  • Prizes for all sorts of scores and games will be awarded.

How YOU can score big

Use the tips below so you can help Critter Barn and Score Big!

  • Raise at least $50.00 in pledges and you bowl for FREE!

  • Bring along as many of your friends as you can, to bowl with you and have a great time.

       (Each person must register and raise their own pledges)

  • Snacks and food will be available. Refreshments will be included!

  • There will be Awards for: Most Pledges, Most $'s Raised, Highest Scores, and more. Everyone will be a winner!

  • ALL bowlers will receive an awesome Critter Bowl gift, just for participating!

  • No Matter What, remember to HAVE FUN!

Keep ROLLING, and growing

Use the tips below to Keep Rolling and meet your goals!

  • Download the pledge form below and talk to as many people as you can.

  • Learn the language on the Pledge Form to help you explain what Critter Barn is all about.

  • Set a goal for yourself to help others know what you're trying to accomplish (like $100.00 in pledges).

  • Schedule a time each day to make calls, send emails, or visit people with your pledge form.

  • Always thank people for their time, and for any amount pledged!

  • Remember to send thank-you notes to all donors after the event.                                                   (downloadable thank-you letters will be available)

  • The Most Important thing to remember is to: HAVE FUN!

Message from the Staff


Critter Barn is a special place for all of us who visit, take classes, volunteer, or are connected in another way. This event is a great way for us to support the programs that impact kids in our community and spend time together celebrating all the memories Critter Barn has given us while making sure it will continue to make new memories for everyone. 

Please download a Pledge Form and remember to share with others how much Critter Barn has impacted you when you ask them for a pledge. There are many incentives for us all to participate in this fun-filled fundraiser, like prizes, awards, refreshments, tee-shirts, etc... but the real reason for us to participate in the Critter Bowl is WE ALL LOVE CRITTER BARN. 


- Critter Barn Staff



Critter Bowl Information 

FALL 2021

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