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Wilson & Wilson

Question: How long do Sheep live?

Answer: There is a wide range of life span for sheep, and many outside factors that effect life span.

If sheep live outside, in the weather, in the hot sun, searching for healthy grass, never seeing the inside of a barn, then three or four years can be normal.

If sheep are born inside a barn, with plenty of regular feed, moderate temperatures, and less stress and strain on their bodies, then six to eight years is probable.

Just like with people, there are other factors that effect can animals life span. Diet, fresh water, salt and good minerals, are essential to a longer life. Pictured here are two creatures, both named Wilson. At the time of this memorable photo, the Human Wilson was 9 years old, and the sheep Wilson was 5 years old.

Good care, proper diet and exercise, and great loving conditions have helped both Wilsons live healthy lives. The human Wilson now works at the Critter Barn part-time and volunteers with young people at Camp Sunshine. He also enjoys playing football and baseball. The sheep Wilson, now age 13, is still on our farm! He is living the good life due to proper care, food, facilities, and love.

Come visit us at the farm. Your likely to see one or both of the Wilsons during your visit.

- Critter Staff

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