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Lend a hand for Lolly's Place

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Lolly has been part of Critter Barn for 27 years, first as a teacher, then as a

Founding Board member, volunteer, advisor and advocate. So often I heard her say,

“Come to the farm, it’s WONderful!”

Earlier in January, Lolly shared her wishes of remembrance at the Critter Barn’s new

farm. We will be naming our new small animal barn “Lolly’s Place”, to honor her

service, commitment and love of the farm. This amazing barn will be home to many

of Lolly’s favorites: chicks, ducklings, rabbits, bunnies, kitty corral, and classrooms

for teaching.

Lolly’s story will be told in the entry room to “Lolly’s Place,” and donors who make

this building a reality will have their names listed. How we wish Lolly would see this

unfold, and see the delighted faces of the children! But her compassion for animals

and her enthusiasm for teaching children will live on forever, in “Lolly’s Place.”

We will be most grateful if you help us honor our dear friend with a donation today.

More information about our new farm is available at

You can join our campaign and give online at

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