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Help Us Reach 10,000 Followers!

Guys, we are so close to reaching our 10,000th follower on facebook. We want to ask you to do four simple things that will help us reach our goal. Coming off the back of our Spring Fling event, we have had some huge growth on our social media. This is awesome because we can reach more people and share what we do here at Critter Barn with a stronger following on facebook and instagram. If you could take a second out of your day and do the following four steps, we would really appreciate it.

Step 1

Go to our Critter Barn Facebook page and click the three little dots under the cover photo, see image below.

Step 2

Next, after you have clicked the three little dots under the cover photo, select INVITE FRIENDS

Steps 3 & 4

Lastly, click, SELECT ALL. You can also personalize the message at the top and let your friends and family know what Critter Barn has meant to you over the years and why you support it! Then, at the bottom of the pop up, click SEND INVITES.

Thats all! Pretty easy, right?

Please do these couple steps and help us reach more people who would love to visit our critters and learn more about a working farm, agriculture, and everything else we teach.

Thank you for all your support!

- Nate

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