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Cooper & Blue

An unlikely friendship.

A friend called about a lame lamb that was too weak to stay in the barn with its mother. We adopted our guard dog, Cooper around that time, and the two animals discovered each other. They slept side by side, and when we fed the dog in the walkway of the barn, Blue would come out too, and have a dish of sheep mix. It seemed they were always together.

One day, when all the sheep were being fed, we noticed Blue struggling to work his way in. Planning to add another feeder for more space, Cooper ran ahead to help his friend by pushing some of the ewes out of the way. In fact, we never added an additional feeder, because on a daily basis Cooper pushed other sheep out of the way, so Blue could eat.

Cooper continues to favor Blue out of all the sheep he guards. Blue limps along at a steady pace, an injury since birth has never fully healed. And though the dog could run ahead, he stays at the side of his friend.

Forever friendships are formed at the Critter Barn. Friendships are formed between students and students, students and adults, adults and adults, students, adults and critters, and last but certainly not least, between critters and critters.

Come and visit us soon at the farm.

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