Volunteers are the backbone of Critter Barn's workforce and they make it possible to accomplish our MissionAlong with enjoying the animals, individuals learn many life lessons in a farm environment. Critter Barn engages people in opportunities to problem solve,

develop responsibility, and share what they experience with others. They impact visitors at our farm and leave a good mark on their world. From our Adult and Group volunteers to our Critter Crew kids and Special Friends, these groups are instrumental to the operation and success of Critter Barn, and perhaps most important, are the experiences they get out of giving.





Giving is what makes it possible for Critter Barn to accomplish our mission of teaching farming and agriculture while inspiring people of all ages and all abilities through the miracles in nature found at the farm.


We reach thousands of children and young people because of the generous donations, scholarships, and gifts from individuals, institutions, and organizations who believe in this mission.


Please click below to see how you can give and help us share Critter Barn with others.




Each year we host classes, programs, and events that provide businesses the opportunity to assist in making the mission and the vision of Critter Barn a reality.

Sponsorships are key to the operations budget and the critical functions of Critter Barn. We have multiple ways for your business to provide tax-deductible contributions to our efforts.

With your contribution, we are able to ensure that Critter Barn continues to provide opportunities for education, mentoring, and sharing about life on the farm. Please click below to find out more.



Monday-Saturday from 10am-6pm, (Closed Sunday)

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