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Dear Friends, 


Critter Barn was buzzing with activity!

We were blessed with visitors from all around our United States! Overall attendance surpassed all other years with record numbers of children in classes, field trips, birthday parties, and community volunteer groups at our farm. There were challenges with parking, but thankfully, we had a safe summer.

We are breaking ground on Critter Barn's New Farm on Felch Street and 80th Avenue in Zeeland on May 14, 2019. We are most grateful to our foundational donors who have partnered with Critter Barn in support of our Vision for the future. After 28 years of unique farm education on these three acres, our story is now entering a new chapter.

Although we also have Critter Barn's New Farm campaign, we need your help to support our farm through this transitional time, until we are at our new facility and the new opportunities for revenue streams become a reality. Your contribution is vital, providing 30% of the revenue at this location. 

Thank you for your friendship and your partnership. Today, we ask again for your prayers and support as we journey through this major transition time and witness the ever growing interest in teaching and serving children of all ages through the hands-on experiences at the Critter Barn. As we enter 2019, we are still completing the last little bit of our 2018 goal. You can support us with your gift today. 

In gratitude,





Mary Rottschafer, Founder & Director

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my Annual gift be used?

Donations to the Annual Support Campaign are used to fund Critter Barn's financial assistance programs so CB programs and services can remain free for all. Annual Funds also provide seed money for the establishment of new programs and services, and the expansion of programs and services to new communities and families. Annual funds:

  • Contribute to the educational programming that teaches our students and volunteers life skills, an understanding of nature, of farming, and equipping them to achieve success at the farm and beyond.

  • Contribute to the care of our valued animal partners whose integral role supports the hands-on learning environment for our guests and students.

  • Contribute to our Special Friends program that enables people with special needs to engage at the farm, volunteer, and reach their full potential.

Can I give online?

Yes, click Give Here below to donate online.

Can I designate my gift to a particular program or animal, or other use?

Yes, you can choose to have your gift be applied wherever it is most needed. If you are connected to a particular program and prefer your gift be used for a particular use, just indicate where you'd like your gift to be applied at checkout. 

Can a business give?

Yes. Choose the option that works best for you from your or employees volunteering time, making an annual donation, or engaging in ongoing support all year. For more information click Give Here below.

Is my gift tax deductible?

Yes, Critter Barn is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. All charitable gifts received in the Annual Support Campaign are tax-deductible to the extent of the tax code.

Where does the money go?

See the Graphic.


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