General Admission Policy

A special miracle takes place when people spend time outdoors, when they connect with animals,

when they re-connect with Nature. Critter Barn is more than just a farm or an educational facility

for agriculture. It is a place where children’s love for the circle of life comes alive. It’s a place where Adults unplug for a while and reconnect with the natural world around them. It’s a place where people of all ages learn life lessons about respect for others, respect for nature, the importance of agriculture, and the circle of life. It’s also a place where people learn practical skills like teamwork, responsibility, and the value of hard work. 

When it comes to cost, Critter Barn does need to raise money every day throughout the year in order to provide a safe, sustainable environment where these miracles can take place. We ask that every visitor donate what they can while they visit the farm. Your donations are what make it possible for us to provide this amazing experience to all people. 

The following is our Admission Policy:

1. General Public: Please donate what you can in the donation boxes located at our Entrance, 

    or at our Welcome Desk.

2. All are welcome at the Critter Barn. We will never turn someone away because of the

    inability to pay for entry.
3. For school Field Trip information, please contact us below.
4. For Group or Party information, please contact us below.
5. For Corporate Sponsorship or Gifts, please contact us below.

We believe the life-changing experiences here need to be available to everyone. This is why it is so vital for those of you who can afford 5, 10, 20 dollars or more, to give. We are forever grateful to you for each dollar given. Please consider a donation while you are here, and include the Critter Barn in your 

giving throughout the year.

We are deeply grateful for 28 years of support and look forward to seeing you at the farm often.
Keep Growing, 






Founder, Executive Director




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