Meet the Staff

Mary Rottschafer, Executive Director -  Making the most out of every opportunity and being open to learning (there is always something new to learn!) has introduced me to amazing farmers, agriculture professionals, awesome co-workers, and farm animals who have lived at the Critter Barn for the past 33 years.

I like snorkeling, horseback riding, walks in the woods, and working in the garden. Planning for the future is exciting, and I'm looking forward to establishing the Critter Farm on 80th Avenue.

 Faith Timmer, Animal Care

Mary Gamby, Special Education
Special Friends Program

Josh Hall, Facility - Josh joined the Critter Barn team in the fall of 2013 and graciously grew out his beard to play Joseph in the Live Nativity throughout December. About his work around the barn he says, “Not a day goes by that I don't do something I've never done before.” Josh is our facility manager.


Kris Wassink, Executive Secretary 

Bonnie Fraam, Administrative Assistant

Lisa Bensinger, Education

Emma Boss

Nicole DeMol

Angie Murphy

Ginny Melby 

Megan McMannus

Makayla McKellips

Zach DeMol 


Thank you to our adult volunteers! 


    Betsy Cech

    Lolly Vanden Bosch 


Summer and Part-Time Staff


   Nicole DeMol 

   Megan Mc Mannus

   Tessa Shumaker 


   Grace Thompson  



   Emma Boss



Bonnie Fraam