Three Hours / $850

  • Chicks and ducklings
  • Rabbits and bunnies
  • Rooster, Layer hens and Ducks
  • Banty Hens
  • Ten goats, Pygmy, Angora, Boar, Dairy
  • Pygmy goats
  • Three exploring tables for bunnies
  • Angora rabbits on tables
  • Three sheep
  • Wool display
  • Donkey
  • Circle of straw for baby birds
  • Hand-washing station
  • Multiple pens for children to enter
  • Milking stand
  • Agriculture Display

This choice is available for $850. Additional time is available at the rate of $150 per hour. Set up and take down time is included in the cost. We arrive for set up one-and-a-half hours prior to the beginning of your event, in some cases, we set up the day before. Packing after your event and cleaning the site requires one hour, and this is also included.

Our ultimate display has served groups of several hundred to thousands. At a large carnival, company picnic or school event when the maximum variety is needed, this set up will exceed your expectations.

(includes travel cost for 30 mile radius)

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