What is Critter Camp About? 

Critter camp is about caring for farm animals and growing new friendships! Critter Camp equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to volunteer at the Critter Barn. You’ll have the opportunity to share your knowledge with visitors at the farm!

  • Each Class is limited to 8 students with one teacher and an aid
  • Critter Camp is a prerequisite to volunteering
  • Registrations will be booked in the order they are received

After you take the class:
After camp, you may join the Critter Crew and volunteer throughout the year. There are many chores to do and critters to care for. If you like working with animals, this is the place for you. 

How do kids get to volunteer?
After completing Critter Camp class, you are prepared.

Are there specific hours that they are able to volunteer?
Yes, children volunteer Monday through Saturday between 8am and 5:30pm

How do Crew Members Sign Up?
Sign-up is online. Go to the Crew page, and the Link will take you to register.

Approximately how many hours are they able to volunteer in the day?
3 or 4 hours  -   a single shift (3 or 4 hours) two times a week  

Are they able to volunteer a couple of times during the week?
Children may volunteer two times a week at the farm
Crew members may also volunteer during Farm On the GO! events

What is Critter Camp All About?
This three-day class gives animal lovers an experience of caring for farm animals and an inside look at our farm operation. Critter Campers learn how to feed and handle the birds and animals. Kids learn about each species, the special care they require. We milk goats, feed baby animals, enjoy the farm, eat lunch in the hayloft, give a bath and learn about grooming. Kids enjoy many experiences with the animals while learning about agriculture. Critter Camp is also about making new friends with kids who enjoy animals! 

How long is my membership good?
To keep our skills sharp, Critter Crew Refresher classes are offered every spring to all Critter Crew members. This class is required for all Crew members no matter how long they have been serving. The purpose of the class is to equip our students, continue their education, review tasks, safety measures, and update them about what is new. Refresher classes are offered in late April and May. The cost for taking our Refresher class is $25 per student.

Critter Barn Partners with BOAR'S HEAD

Boar's Head Provisions of Holland is partnering with Critter Barn to teach the importance of why good farming practices and excellent care of the animals is important to a Food Manufacturer.

Learn about Food Safety and the importance of excellent care of the animals before getting to the manufacturer, plays a vital part on the Quality of the Consumer's Product.

Boar's Head employees and managers come to the farm for an end of summer presentation, a sack lunch is provided for each Crew member to taste and experience a Classic Boar's Head Turkey Sandwich, and know why, Boar's Head does not compromise when it comes to the finished product of our meats. Boar's Head has ordered custom lunch bags for all Critter Camp students too keep. We are so grateful to our friends at Holland's Boar's Head for their support of our program! Be sure to look for their excellent meat products and awesome mustard where you shop.