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What is Critter Camp About? 

Critter camp is about caring for animals while building relationships with new friends who love animals too! Critter Camp equips you with the knowledge and skills you need to volunteer at the Critter Barn. You’ll have the opportunity to share your knowledge with visitors at the farm throughout the year!

  • Each Class is limited to 8 students with one teacher and an aid
  • Critter Camp is a prerequisite to volunteering
  • Registrations will be booked in the order they are received

After you take the class:

After camp, you may join the Critter Crew and volunteer throughout the year. There are many chores to do and critters to care for. If you like working with animals, this is the place for you. Optional: Parents are welcome to volunteer with their children. We want kids to feel comfortable and love having parents know what happens at the farm. 

How do kids get to volunteer?
      After completing Critter Camp class,  you are prepared for working with the guests who visit our farm.  Then you sign up. on the Get Involved section of our website.  Go there, and then to the Critter Crew kids volunteer page.  The rest is easy!

Are there specific hours that they are able to volunteer?
       Yes, children volunteer Monday through Saturday
       This varies with each season, and children register to volunteer online. 
       Morning chores and evening chores are the most popular.

How do Crew Members Sign Up?
      Sign-up is online. We'll explain more at the end of the class session.  
      Our registration shows all the possible times. Morning, afternoon and night. 
      You register, select your date(s) and receive a confirmation via email.

Approximately how many hours are they able to volunteer in the day?
      3 hours  -   a single shift (3 hours) two times a week.

Are they able to volunteer in the morning or just afternoon hours?
      Either.  Some seasons have evening options too.
      Some Crew members volunteer for our Traveling Farm.
Are they able to volunteer a couple of times during the week?
      Children may volunteer two times a week at the farm
      Crew members may also volunteer during Farm On the GO! events
      New Critter crew members volunteer single shifts 
            (3 hours) max of two times a week. 
      As children gain experience and confidence, some stay longer as the                      seasons allow, up to 6 hours, but with snack and lunch breaks.
      Bring a lunch or a snack, and always a water bottle or beverage.  

Read about Volunteering as a CREW member

Jolyn's favorite parts:
Learning about animals
Helping with kids

"I took Critter Camp when I was 9 years old. I really did not know what the class was going to be like. I just thought it would be a few days where I could play with animals. I really didn’t think I would be coming back much if at all after the class, boy was I wrong! I am now 15 years old. I volunteered for many years and was hired to staff in September of 2012.

The experiences I’ve had have been amazing. I’ve learned so much and made so many friends. Volunteering at the Critter Barn has made me realize my dream of becoming a Vet Tech and a future with breeding sheep. I don’t think I would’ve ever found these goals for myself if it had not been for the mentorship of Ms. Mary. She has taught me so much over the years and I continue to learn more each time I am at the farm.

The Critter Barn has also allowed me to become more outgoing than I ever was before. Besides just learning about the animals I have also learned public speaking skills from teaching field trips and helping guests. I have also learned leadership skills I would never have been able to practice and develop without the Critter Barn.

Over all the Critter Barn has been a great experience and I would encourage anybody no matter how old you are to get involved." 
                                                                                                 - Jessica Timmer