Visitors and students of all ages enjoy spending time in the bunny room. For the youngest children, watching a rabbit hop around and eat hay on an exploring table brings joy and excitement.Children can pet and hold the rabbits, and learn about typical mammal behavior by observing a doe rabbit as she nurses and protects her young. Our Critter Crew learn about rabbit handling, grooming, and a variety of rabbit breeds.

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In 2010, the Critter Barn was asked to be the site of a movie shoot called The Christmas Bunny. Critter Barn's rabbits were used in the filming, but one bunny, Rumple, was the main star of them all.

Rumple lived a good life, but had troubles with his teeth. He enjoyed eating canned pumpkin for years, in addition to some hay and pellets. Recently he encountered more severe problems with his teeth and jaw, and was laid to rest on Wednesday, August 6, 2014. He was a sweet, playful bunny who won the hearts of thousands through his performance in The Christmas Bunny, written and directed by Tom Siedman. To honor Rumple, the Critter Barn is planning to show the movie later this summer or early fall.

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