Pot Bellied Pigs & Mr. Chops

If you visit the Critter Barn you can locate the Mr. Chops' message board and the display about his life. This is located in our main classroom. Mr. Chops is buried next to the red barn, near his favorite area to hang out. There is a photograph there and as a memorial, In Loving Memory. 

Mr. Chops gave Ms. Mary lots of "piggy" kisses on her chin!



Pot Bellied Pigs came from Asia in the 1980's and immediately won the hearts of many pet lovers. Hogs are intelligent, and around the world they all provide food for humans. But in our country, these special pigs have found a different niche.

Nelson (photo below) resting in front of Mr. Chops' house, enjoying a warm sunny spring day after a long long winter. Nelson is three and a half years old. 


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