The goats at the Critter Barn are friendly and socialized. When you first see Lars, a Saanen wether goat with foot-long horns, you may not be eager to get into a pen with him. But Lars, his penmates, and all the goats on the farm are not to be feared. The wethers participate in field trips and traveling farm events, assisting  in explaining ruminant 'creature features.'

Our dairy goats participate in the learning experience as well. After the does give birth in the spring, they are milked 2 times a day. Guests and volunteers learn how to milk a goat. This generates other ideas and questions providing teaching moments about where our food comes from!

Angora goats, with their long beautiful curls are often mistaken for sheep. They originated in the far east, and their hair is blended with wool fiber for making yarns.  We have an informative fiber display at the farm.

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