The Kitty Corral is a popular first stop for Critter Barn guests of any age. The cats eagerly await hugs and laps to snuggle upon, and spend their free time napping and attempting to beat their own records for "Most Cats on one Cat Tower" or "Most Adorable Cat-napper." 

Some children are initially hesitant when they enter the barn.  The cats are a wonderful 'warm-up' animal that is calm and friendly. Learning the proper way to hold an animal with a more familiar creature like a cat brings confidence to guests to lead them onto holding and petting other furry and feathered friends.

Cats on a farm handle the rodent population.  Mice can bring disease so these feline predators have a purpose.  Cats who are "mousers" secretly live at the Critter Barn but are seldom seen by the public.  Our cats are neutered, as kittens in the hay loft can spread Toxoplasmosis to the sheep. 

Cats for kids at the Critter Barn are kept in the Kitty Corral, following guidelines for health and safety set by the USDA and the Ottawa County Health Department. All our Kitty Corral cats were born at the farm.   

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