The Organization

Mary Rottschafer was born and raised in West Michigan, graduated from Hope College with a BA in Elementary Education and Music. Leaving aspirations of MSU and animal science studies in the background, she taught elementary grades at Holland Christian and was involved in Church music programs. As avid gardeners, her family moved from a subdivision to the homestead of a dairy farm in 1984, to fulfill the dreams of a larger garden and a simple sustainable life style. A surprise party gave rise to the family's new hobby farm, which lead to the Critter Barn, which is now operating in its 28th season.
Board Members

    Pat Mitchell                      President                 
     Wayne Sall                      Vice-President             
     Brian Terborg                  Treasurer            
     Brian Geerlings      
     Paul Pyle
     Nate Elzinga
     Doug Slenk  
     Lisa Russcher 
     Di'Shun Melbert  
     Mitchell Schafer                                                                   

   Carrie Bongard is our USDA inspector.                                               

The Organization Advisory Board