"Cody went out Saturday morning and walked the neighborhood, door to door, talking about the Critter Barn's move and asking for spare change. He was so proud to represent the Critter Barn. He received $36.03!! Thanks for giving the kids a way to help raise money!"



My daughter has loved coming to the Critter Barn this summer. The weeks that we are home, she diligently comes once a week -- and would do more if I was willing to drive her out there more often (we live in Byron Center). Your farm has provided her a glimpse of another way of living (instead of the suburbs we live in). She dreams of having her own farm someday with her own little animals. So thank you for that. :)




Thank you! I can't even begin to thank you for such a wonderful experience for my daughter. She cried when she found out her class was done!! Your staff was well-trained, enthusiastic, well-educated and caring. We can't wait to do the Critter Camp next summer! Thank you for all your work and for providing this amazing experience for kids in the community.

Kristin VanDyke (July 2, 2015)

Friendly, welcoming, and helpful staff, well maintained grounds, buildings, etc.

(June 11, 2015)

Over all experience was excellent. My children 5 and 2 had a blast.

(May 19, 2015)

Awesome place for family fun. Plus it is conveniently located off 196 so access is easy. Animals appeared to be treated extremely well. Management had staff in each area ensuring guests treated animals appropriately and enforcing "no touch" rules where animals needed it. The staff seamed dedicated to their purpose and always willing to inform and assist guests. However there was plenty to touch, see and experience. All the animals were extremely well socialized. Most didn't even flinch when approached from outside their line of sight as I saw A LOT of kids doing. And some eagerly approach people wanting interaction. My second favorite animal was the absurdly hair bunnies (forgot the breed name) and first favorite was the sheep dog in the pen with the sheep. He/she was a sweetie who adored human affection. How often do kids today get a chance to touch and interact let alone see up close such a variety of animals? A GREAT experience for them. I could go on but suffice it to say I highly recommend this place for kids age 1 - 101. To top it off there is no entry fee and thus affordable for any budget, although I encourage everyone to consider donating what they can. I grew up on a farm and know how much work and money they are to operate. There is no place else I am aware of where you can have such an enriching experience and is open to all w/o "nickle and dime-ing" you. P.S. Enjoy the smells of nature, it is what completes the farm experience. ;)

(April 8, 2015)

I would like to take a minute to encourage you to volunteer at Critter Barn with your son or daughter. My daughter, Chanda, and I have been helping out with chores for almost a year together. The quality time we spend together at Critter Barn is great! We have really gotten to know the animals. Chanda has learned so much about how to care for them.

Mary and her crew really provide a safe, Christian, hands-on place for kids to learn all about God’s creation. I greatly appreciate all the hard work that goes into keeping the Critter Barn going. They could really use a few more adult helpers to make things run a little smoother. I encourage you to check it out!

Sincerely, Amy Miller