Sponsor a Child
Is there anything better than hearing stories from a child after a day at the Critter Barn?
We are delighted to invite children with limited resources to our classes.

Your investment grows with the relationship each student develops with our friendly farm staff and fellow volunteers.  They eagerly tell their stories to friends and family too.  Most importantly, children of all ages experience life and the wonders of God's creation, and that is something they carry in their heart for the rest of their life.

For a gift of $100, you can sponsor area youth for an unforgettable three day experience.  Once the class is completed, students may return at a variety of times to volunteer at the farm.

In 2010, a scholarship fund was established in memory of our founder's late father, Robert Vander Hooning.  If you would like to add
to this fund, and make another scholarship available, contact the farm at critterbarnfarm@gmail.com .

Donations can be directed by completing the GIFT NOTE on the Donation Form.