Our Mission and Vision


The Critter Barn is dedicated to teaching about farming and agriculture while inspiring people of all ages and all abilities through the miracles in nature found at the farm.


  • To inspire through the animals and crops at the farm
  • To enjoy hands-on experiences at a real farm for all ages and abilities
  • To connect people to agriculture, farm work and food sources
  • To teach about sustainability and healthy life styles
  • To enable children to volunteer and develop responsibility
  • To share values through farm experiences, farm heritage and stories
  • To celebrate the Creator of all we study


  • Increase our outreach 
  • Ensure purposeful activity for our diverse group of visitors
  • Improve core agricultural programs and displays
  • Maintain a dynamic staff team and add staff members to support program growth
  • Expand our donor base to raise needed funds to sustain the Critter Barn
  • Plan for a future expanded Educational Farm, representing our farming heritage and showcasing modern farming strategies.  A new facility is needed with heated rooms, real bathrooms, and an inclusive facility for all ages and all abilities.