Three Hours / $650
  • Chicks on exploring table
  • Rabbits and bunnies
  • Roosters and Ducks
  • Banty Hens
  • 6 goats: pygmy, angora, dairy
  • Wool display and sheep
  • Hand washing station
  • Multiple pens for children to enter
  • Milking stand to milk a goat

Our Basic Farm on the GO!  is available for $650, and will serve groups of any size up to a recommended 500 people. Additional time is available at the rate of $150 per hour. Set up and take down time is included in the cost.  

We arrive for set up 1 ¼ hours prior to the beginning of your event. Packing after your event and cleaning the site requires one additional hour, but this is included in your package. Enjoy many hands-on experiences with your guests, including milking a goat!

(includes travel cost for 30 mile radius)

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