Support the Critter Barn at the 2017 Critter Bowl at BAM located at 478 E. 16th Street, Holland, MI  

The T-Shirt order for the Critter Bowl was placed on November 9.  We would still love to have you come and bowl, so please sign up!  You can still receive your shirt, but at a later date.  Please email with your t-shirt size.   

There will be prizes, snacks and beverages available at this fun event.  Invite a friend! 

Let's Score Big at BAM for the Critter Barn!

 Volunteer at the farm - NOVEMBER.  Volunteer shifts in November are 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm and 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm except on Saturdays.  Saturday shifts are 8:00 am to 11:30 am, 11:30 am to 2:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm. 




Don't forget to
turn in your
Coins for Critters
piggy banks!

We are so proud of our CRITTER CREW TEAM

You are making our Critter Barn the best! Volunteer crew members have been doing an outstanding job assisting guests, working around the farm, or caring for the animals. We are very proud of you!


  • Want to review what was covered in our Volunteer class? Click here to review 
  • Critter Crew members are required to attend ONE Volunteer Refresher Class each year. Our GOAL is "Making it the Best"
    It is also a time of renewing friendships, growing a team spirit and listening to suggestions from the kids about how we should run the farm!

Dear Members of the Critter Crew,

What an awesome time of year. School’s out, the weather is warm, the farm is busy, there are many young animals to
enjoy, and lots of free time to be at the farm.
My hope is that you will spend many days with us this summer, and continue
to be a part of the new plans.
Things seem to be moving forward – truly a most exciting time. Our days begin at 6:30 am
and end at 6:00 pm now.
You may sign up on-line at Get Involved / Critter Crew kids volunteer. We trust that the summer
will be one of the best for you too!

I am LATE in writing this to you! We have been very busy at the farm, plus, my son, Joel, was married in Connecticut on June 3,
so we have been "extra busy" this year, with five days spent out East. It was an awesome experience!


We are changing systems for communications and website. Our old system that I am writing from now, has caused some
problems. Not all the addresses from our present system transferred correctly to the new Mail Chimp system. So unfortunately,
some of you did not receive our recent updated email letters. We have been talking to parents more and more, asking about
their kids registering for our Critter Crew Refresher class and learning that they never received the email. So I am using the old
system today. If this is your second letter, I apologize, but I'm trying several methods to reach everyone.


Our last Critter Crew Refresher Classes for “members of the crew” will be on Monday, June 12 from 2:00pm to 4:30pm and on
Thursday, June 15 from 5:00pm to 7:30pm.
If you missed this important meeting or could not attend any of the sessions we
offered, please REGISTER for one of these classes.
There are numerous changes and routines that need to be reviewed.
We have a terrific volunteer program, but this is at the core of keeping it the Best it can be!

The Link is on your Critter Crew kids volunteer page, under GET INVOLVED on our website. If neither of these dates work for you, call or email the office and leave your name with Kris. We will host another class but need to know when you are available.

CREW KIDS make it the Best!

Planning to volunteer at the farm this summer? Register for not more than two shifts per week (max) whenever you can get out
to the farm! We have Crew kids from Texas, California, Washington, Illinois... and all throughout Michigan! Remember dress code, your smile and friendliness, plus good eyes to watch the animals!

FRIDAYS with Dr. Musick

You are invited to be at the farm on Friday Mornings. Dr. Amber Musick will be here to speak to the new class of Critter Crew
students each week. She will discuss husbandry, what to watch for, address what we may have seen during the week, and
much more. She is teaching us about animal care so we can continue to be an excellent farm. Whenever you volunteer or
just happen to stop in on Fridays... all summer long, she will be here to enrich what we know! Everyone can listen and learn!
Her talk will begin around 10:00am. You can join with the new students to keep learning!

ON THE ROAD AGAIN ~ Maybe you know someone who could help. We are in need a used cargo van for our events!

Our Traveling Farm program brings fun and learning to dozens of locations across Michigan! Dates and locations are
posted under your Critter Crew Kids Volunteer Page. This is an opportunity for you to meet us in your town, or journey
with us on an adventure. Last year we traveled 112 times.

HERMAN MILLER PICNIC is on June 17, and thousands of people will be going through our animal display.
We need your help, and invite you to sign up soon for several events. Food is provided at this event.

We touch a lot of lives through this program, but it doesn’t work without YOU!
Please go to Get Involved / Critter Crew kids volunteer. to sign up for this week's events!

INVITE a friend to take a class. Returning to volunteer as a member of the Crew allows you to keep learning after
the class. Be a Critter Barn ambassador and encourage a friend to take a class.

Support the farm and enjoy a farm-fresh chicken
  • Fresh, tasty and natural roasting chickens raised by YOU
  • Only $1.25 per pound!
  • Birds are processed by Kapenga Poultry, a USDA Certified facility
  • We are doing the work of a real farm by growing food. Enjoy the harvest!
On August 8 we will celebrate Jake's 30th Birthday....from 2pm to 5pm. Reserve the date!
Finally, after the summer is done, there will be an end of Summer Celebration on August 18. Reserve the date!

Have a great day -- see you at the farm very soon!

Ms Mary and the Critter Barn staff