So what about a NEW Farm?

    We are working on new plans and fundraising... hopefully good news soon!

Our new location will be on Felch and 80th Avenue in Zeeland.  The current farm on Adams Street will eventually be closed, and everything taken down and repurposed at the new farm.  The new Critter Barn will be a giant, living classroom!  A great place for families, students, and visitors of all ages.   






How did the Critter Barn begin?

We moved to this farm in 1984, intending to have a larger garden and live out in the country. The church choir I was directing surprised us hosting a party at our farm, painting the barn and giving us a variety of animals through some skits and jokes. The small group of animals grew into our family's hobby farm, and in the years to come, we would share our farm with others, eventually.... everyone!

Click here to read an interview with Executive Director, Mary Rottschafer (alumni of Hope College), for the "News from Hope College" in Holland, MI.


Educational Farm

The Critter Barn is a nonprofit educational farm spanning 3 acres. Our farm is a West Michigan attraction located in Zeeland Township within Ottawa County. We offer family fun in the greater Holland area:  South Haven - Grand Rapids - Lowell - Kalamazoo - Grand Haven - Spring Lake - Muskegon.

The Critter Barn raises a variety of domestic farm animals and poultry, sample of farm crops and a few orchard trees. Our curriculum focuses on promoting an understanding of agriculture, food sources, animal care and a little science!  We encourage volunteering and give children and youth an opportunity to polish valuable life skill.  We introduce people to the farmer’s role in feeding the world. We have an authentic learning environment with many friendly animals!

We raise chickens, turkeys, ducks, hogs, pot-bellied pigs, cows, a horse, a pony, donkeys, rabbits, sheep, geese, goats, cats, and a dog. We teach through field trips, educational farm classes, public visiting, traveling off-site and several seasonal events.



The experiential education we offer and the wonders of creation found at our farm serve as inspiration to all who come. Farms are dynamic, changing with the weather and the seasons. Working on a farm develops our character, and visiting a farm deepens our appreciation for the world around us.

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