Financial contributions are deeply appreciated.
Help us continue serving the children and youth in our community!

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  • KID VOLUNTEERS (age 16 and under)
    Click here to learn about Critter Camp for kids
    . This class is a prerequisite for kids who are interested in volunteering. Children 8 -16 years old may volunteer after completing our Critter Camp and Volunteer orientation class.

    We welcome adult volunteers!
    Click here to learn about opportunities for adults.  We welcome adult volunteers, but have several requirements for application.  Thank you for your interest... check it out!

Critter Barn believes in teaching young people life skills while working on our farm. Discovering how to be flexible, learning to deal with change, working with a team, and caring for live animals develops personal character. Our staff works side-by-side with children and youth every day.  Relationships are the foundation of our success.

Supporting the Critter Barn makes it possible for our adult staff to spend one-on-one time with kids in a working farm environment that prepares them for future responsibilities and challenges.


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