What does Critter Barn do?
We teach about agriculture, because feeding the world matters.  And while we teach about farming, and care for animals, we work with kids and adults so everyone can learn. 
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Roasting chickens will not be available this year at the Critter Barn.  Our local processing has closed its doors, and a new processing plant is planned for 2019.  You can purchase the large roasting chickens at Allendale Meat market.  They are raised in South Carolina.  We will have them again next year.  

See the photographs from our Golf Outing on September 16 on this link   

See the photographs from our Hoe Down on October 18 on this link   https://photos.app.goo.gl/hhXwL9ivf6BkxbFx1


Moving from Barn to Farm!

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What's not so new?  Here are some great memories! 

Escape Ministries   

Check out all the video from Escape Ministries at the Critter Barn

Boys and Girls club

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